International Professional Standards Network

Welcome to the International Professional Standards Network (IPSN). The IPSN is comprised of standards- setting bodies recognised by government and industry from member countries. The intention is that the IPSN will be open to all industry sectors that are part of the vocational education sector. The initial industry sectors actively engaging and building their benchmarks are the beauty and hairdressing sectors.

Our site contains information on member countries and has features such as the ability to apply on-line for the IPSN International Hairdressing Certification. You can register your information in order to have your hairdressing or beauty qualifications assessed against the criteria required to receive the IPSN International hairdressing certification.

Each participating country has mapped their hairdressing and beauty qualifications and industry recognition processes against an agreed benchmark. The purpose of this benchmarking is to assist individuals in having their skills recognised by industry in those countries that are members.