International Professional Standards Network

2017 IPSN Award Ceremony in Seoul

IPSN(International Professional Standard Network) certification award ceremony was held in SNU(Seoul National University) in Korea on April 25, 2017.

During the ceremony, 210 candidates were finally awarded with certificates based on rigorous review by IPSN Certification Head Office in 3 categories: Hairdressing, beauty therapy, and nail technology.

The award ceremony was attended by Dr. Leung, Chairman of IPSN, Executive Director Barbara Hawkins from Australia, Deanna To from Hong Kong, Jeanette Allen from Australia, Anne Millar from HITO in New Zealand, and Lee Sung-Yeob, Board of the Chairman of ACE in Korea.

This event was also attended by Dr. Nguyen KhachThanh, President of FPT University affiliated with Vietnam-based FPT Group, Vice-President Dr. Nguyen Kim Anh, Vu Chi Thanh Director FPT Polytechnic and Kim Dong-Yul, President of Plus International Co., Ltd, etc., who offered their sincere congratulations.


During the awarding ceremony, Choi Hye-Mi, who came from Korea, was applauded for her hard efforts that she made to overcome her handicap which culminated in obtaining the certificate.

Choi Hye-Mi obtained the Korea National Certificate of Nail Technology and is currently taking an instructor course at a private cosmetology education institute in Seoul.

The following is an excerpt from a short interview with Choi Hye-Mi
1. Please introduce yourself.
Hello? My name is Choi Hye-Mi. I am currently taking an instructor training course on nail technology at Nowon Beautiful People, a private education institute specializing in cosmetology.
I am 25 years old and live in Seoul. And I have the ‘Grade A’ disability. Living with physical handicap in Korea is more difficult than you think. Taking upon new challenges is not easy. The greatest difficulty came when I had to deal with prejudice or stereotypes against handicapped people, rather than the aspects of systems such as welfare systems and facilities. I hope that my writing would be an encouragement to those who have hard time and hesitation as I did.

2. What do you think of the IPSN International Beauty License?
The cosmetology/beauty market has also become internationalized in the era of globalization. As a result, many people are attempting to find jobs abroad or immigrate hurriedly to foreign countries. Once they are abroad, they still face difficulty. That is because they have to spend a lot of time and money to obtain certificates again. For them, IPSN International Beauty Certification would be very good news.



10th July 2017