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The 9th National Barber and Hairdressing Student Techniques Tournament, Japan

“The 9th National Barber and Hairdressing Student techniques tournament (理美容甲子園2017)” was held in November 22nd. 18 schools / 238 students participated in the nail art category, 3 barber categories, and 3 beauty categories (cut, winding, up style). The hair designs had 225 exhibitions.

Yoshinaka Yoshinori, Vice Chairman had said “It is an opportunity to demonstrate the daily achievements, and as this year will be held in Tokyo, the results will be particularly challenging, encouraging the players to work hard for important tournaments.”

From Miss Paris Beauty Academy, 4 students for up-hairstyle, 3 for haircut, 2 for winding were participated. 3 from 5 finalists won in Tokyo area to participate in the National tournament. Although they were not able to win the prize, students got chance to see the national level of beauty techniques.


Other students of beauty department visited the tournament, the 1st year students got their aim to be participated in the tournament next year.


6th December 2017