International Professional Standards Network


The IPSN aims to increase reciprocity and mutual recognition through certification of internationally developed industry benchmarks so professionals may gain industry recognition; thereby assisting in the mobility of the workforce between the participating countries.

The International Professional Standards Network (IPSN) member countries include Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong/China, South Korea, Thailand and Japan. Representatives from other countries are invited to become members and participate in the strategic direction of the IPSN.

The International Professional Standards Network (IPSN) is a newly formed association with the secretariat based in Australia. This network is self funded and covers two industry sectors at this time, hairdressing and beauty, with the goal of including other industry areas over time.

The IPSN aims to:

  • To recognise global mobility of applicants taking into consideration mutual recognition and benchmarked standards. This may lead to the verification of competency.
  • To provide quality leadership aimed at the achievement of the goals and objectives of the ipsn.
  • To encourage and promote the concept of international standards through training, assessment and standards development.
  • To promote and enhance each industry
  • To maintain an awareness of participating countries’ innovations and developments, and to bring these to the Board’s attention periodically.

IPSN Specific Goals:

  • Promote the ipsn to our network and new countries
  • Promote industry network building
  • Include new industries in the ipsn membership
  • Review all projects on a regular basis
  • Complete mapping of new member countries
  • Provide our members with services and projects that they value by focusing on identifying and satisfying the critical skills needs of the industry
  • Encourage industry of the benefit of engaging with the ipsn in order to help create, link and tailor resources and projects to satisfy their industry planning needs.
  • Rapidly gather, assimilate & communicate relevant information & advice to all parties.
  • Act as a conduit network to link all parties who need, provide or manage vocational learning.

What industry areas does the IPSN cover?

The IPSN industry coverage consists of hairdressing and beauty, makeup, spa therapy, barbering and cosmetic tattooing however it is the intent that other industry areas will join the IPSN.  The floristry industry have shown considerable interest in being part of a global network.