International Professional Standards Network

IPSN Award of Honour

(ABOVE) Jane Trewin (centre) receives her Award of Honour from Dr H Leung Chair of the IPSN with Australian representative (WorldSkills Australia) Jeanette Allen.

In April at the Annual General Meeting of the IPSN in Seoul South Korea, Australia was very proud to see Jane Trewin Faculty Director Tourism, Hospitality and Service Industries receive an IPSN Award of Honour for significant contributions to the Hair and Beauty Industries.

The IPSN is an award that is given by an IPSN member country to an individual that has made significant contribution to their industry. In choosing the recipient of the IPSN Award of Honour, regard is given to the nominees achievements in the year prior to receiving the award as well as their past achievements and ongoing contribution to their industry.
The IPSN Award of Honour is the highest honour in the IPSN for distinguishing persons who have contributed to their industry beyond the call of their everyday duty in their respective country. The candidate will be selected as deserving of high standing in their industry and the community.
This award is having made a significant contribution to:
(a) The development of the hairdressing / beauty industries; and
(b) Community / society; or
(c) The development of Vocational Education or training


One of the Hairdressing industry’s top Educators Julie Hagney has received her IPSN certification. Julie has been working in Hairdressing Education for many years and has inspired young and not so young hairdressers with her creative ideas and fresh approach to learning new skills and exploring the innovative artist within.
When asked why she choose to apply for an IPSN Certificate and what she saw as the benefits, Julie said
“ I gained my qualifications many years ago, and as an active hairdresser for over 35 years and an educator for nearly 30, I am always building on and updating my qualification currency and engaging in many industry networks. There are many areas of importance to me in regards to our industry, one of those things is the future of our industry, globally. In an industry which is continually gravitating towards independence, we must ensure that education allows opportunity for the student to grow as an individual while maintaining a high standard of technical knowledge. A cadence of accountability for that high standard is one check point for viability, connectivity and continual improvement. With a focus on technical skills and the consistently changing face of creativity to ensure the future of our craft. I’m looking forward to becoming more involved with The ISPN and contributing to a global network of educators and hairdressers”


WorldSkills Australia applauds its volunteers and especially its category experts who are generally engaged full time in their industry and give of their time and expertise to guide and train our skills champions and industry practioners of the future. WorldSkills Australia is privileged to have Sue Collins, Beauty Therapist, Educator and Skills Expert as a committed expert and volunteer to WorldSkills. Sue consistently works to maintain and improve her skills. She see’s attaining an IPSN certificate as a validation of her skills and commitment.







4th July 2017