International Professional Standards Network

The IPSN Welcomes a New Director, Ms Leah Chung Chi-ching

Ms Chung Chi-ching, Leah is the Assistant Executive Director in Headquarters (Industry Partnership).  She oversees the industry Training Boards which advise the Vocational Training Council (VTC) on matters pertaining to manpower training to meet industry development needs.  She also leads Recognition of Prior Learning, Vocational Assessment and various Training Schemes.

Ms Chung was previously the Director of External Relations Office and responsible for managing VTC’s public affairs and external communications.  She had played a strategic role in the revamp of VTC brand in 2007; refreshing the corporate brand to stay relevant in the changing market as well as renewing the connection with both internal and external stakeholders.

Ms Chung holds a Bachelor of Arts (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Australian Graduate School of Management).

4th December 2017