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Miss Paris Beauty Academy School Tournament

“The 6th Miss Paris Beauty Academy School Tournament” was held in Tokyo on October 1st. About 120 people visited including pre-high school students and their parents.

This school tournament was held together by the Tokyo and Omiya (Saitama). This was the final work for 2nd year students in hair-dressing department.

In the first part of the day, there was the winding tournament. Also the presentation of the work created based on the theme “rainbow” for the 1st year students.


In the second part, 2nd year students, they showed the work from all of their skills and knowledges from these 2 years are combined.

In this school contest, the total beauty- from hair style, makeup, nail and fashion – are designed. Each student expresses their self-beauty.


Mr. Dai Shindo (representative of SLINE company), Mr. Daiji Miyakoshi (representative of Hair Guest company), Ms. Kaoru Matsubaguchi (Educational Department from TAYA corporation), Mr. Taketoshi Yamauchi (Salon producer from hair salon EUPHORIA) are invited as the judge, evaluate hair make, and works produced in the stage performance, evaluated from the movement and expression. They awarded the top five in the overall point.

10 students from 1st year grade were chosen and competed to choose the best in winding technique. Additionally, students made groups in each class and presented the work of total beauty. Guests voted for the prize and 2 more prizes from the judges. It had been good opportunity for learning and communicating throughout the school, such as using the model from the students from other department, and tournament management had been conducted by the students.

6th December 2017