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Spa and Wellness Japan Assn attends Beauty and Wellness Research Institute seminar

Several members of the Spa and Wellness Japan Association showed their support at the newly opened Beauty and Wellness Research Institute by participating at the 3rd Public Seminar held remotely last January 7th at the research facility in Yokohama City owned by the Miss Paris Group.

Despite the surge of COVID-19 infection in the Tokyo Metropolis and nearby Yokohama City, the seminar was successfully held with Mr. Akihiro Nakatani, a well-known Japanese writer and actor, as the guest speaker.  His topic was anchored on how beauty and aesthetics have become an integral part of vitality for all ages.   He also emphasized how appreciation of beauty has always been a part of Japanese culture, and this sense of culturedness can also play a vital role in surviving various difficulties such as the Covid-19 Pandemic.  The seminar got its taste of entertainment when Mr. Yasutaka Yamashita gave a lively shamisen performance with the theme “Beauty through Shamisen”.

Physical attendance was not required during the three-hour seminar, which was spearheaded by Miss Paris Group CEO Ms. Akemi Shimomura.  The seminar was made available online, with hundreds of attendees hooked via Zoom.

9th April 2021