International Professional Standards Network

Spa Wellness Academic Conference at MIELPARQUE Tokyo Event Hall (Minato-Ku, Tokyo).

Approximately 1,100 association members and certified students from all over Japan attended the Spa Wellness Academic Conference at MIELPARQUE Tokyo Event Hall (Minato-Ku, Tokyo).
The conference commenced with the opening address and greeting from Ms. Akemi Shimomura the chairman of the association.
Mr. Esaki Yoshihide – the section manager of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry-, and Mr. Masahiro Fukushi –the president of Non-Profit Organization of Japan Esthetic Organization- were invited guests to congratulate all involved.


The awards ceremony was held for those students who passed the 2016 certification exam. In the ceremony, Miss International Japan 2017 representative Natsuki Tsutsui appeared, and awarded grandly the new senior qualifications and the winners of the “2017 Beauty Competition” from the previous day.
Also on the day were 83 IPSN Junior Beautician and 50 IPSN Beauty Therapist certificate were presented.


Ms. Yuri Takano was awarded the International Professional Standards Network Award of Honor for her contribution to the aesthetic and spa industry for many years.  IPSN member Ms. Akemi Shimomura presented Ms. Takano with her award.


Medical Doctor, Mr. Takuji Shirasawa, presented a lecture on “living forever young”. He also lectured on:
• The health effect of “Paleolithic diet” and “gluten free diet”,
• The coconut oil’s mechanism of activating the cognitive function,
• The health effect of omega-3 fatty acid and so on.


The day concluded with a Hair Show “Tokyo REAL” by creators of hair salon “Euphoria” with students from accredited schools participating as models.



10th July 2017