International Professional Standards Network

The IPSN Strategic Plan for 2018-2020

The IPSN Board and Technical Delegates developed a 2 year strategic plan. You can find a few exerts from this plan below.

If you would like a full copy, please contact the Executive Director



The International Professional Standards Network (IPSN) was formally established in 2008 following meetings over the previous 3 years with representatives from founding member countries.  Currently the member countries are Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong – China, Japan, and Korea.

Aims of the IPSN
The aims of IPSN over the past ten years have been:

·        To provide leadership in the achievement of international skills standards in the hairdressing and beauty industries

·        To recognise global mobility through mutual recognition and benchmarked standards

·        To encourage the concept of international standards through training, assessment and standards development

·        To maintain an awareness of participating countries’ innovation and development.



IPSN provides certification for hair and beauty practitioners who have completed a curriculum which aligns with mutually recognised industry standards and have completed one year of industry practice. This opens up employment opportunities in participating countries.

How we operate

IPSN is governed by a board which represents all member countries.

The IPSN board has responsibility for the mechanism for aligning curriculum outcomes to the internationally agreed standards of practice.

This includes:

·        The standards

·        The process for mapping standards

·        The quality audit process to ensure that the process is being applied rigorously

·        The certification assets such as logo, brand, certificates

The Board is also responsible for:

·        Convening international meetings and events

·        Signing up new member countries

·        Governance and accountability

The Executive Director of the secretariat works part-time, and the current responsibilities of the role are to:

·        Manage member country participation and oversee quality of contributions

·        Market and promote IPSN through social media platforms, print platforms

·        Maintain the currency of the website

·        Manage contracts and other work

·        Manage curriculum mapping

·        Manage governance and reporting

·        Manage finances


Member countries are autonomous and can apply the IPSN certification process to suit their country’s requirements and conditions.

They are responsible for:

·        Promoting IPSN within their countries

·        Organizing the mapping of curriculum outcomes

·        Negotiating with curriculum and standards bodies to adjust curriculum to meet IPSN requirements

·        Issuing certificates to successful applicants

·        Contributing to the joint marketing, promotional activities of IPSN

Current Status

Our Mission
IPSN Purpose

To achieve professional status and global mobility for Hair and Beauty practitioners so that employers, practitioners and customers have confidence in the individual’s capability. We provide international industry benchmarks to recognise applied skills and issue valued certification.

IPSN Values
IPSN is guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

16th January 2019