International Professional Standards Network

Where are they now? Ka-ho LAU, Hong Kong

Ka-ho LAU competed in the 2015 WorldSkills International Competition in Sao Paulo, Ka-ho said it was the most unforgettable experience of his life.  With the opportunity to compete with hairdressers from all around the world it was a real eye opener for him and Ka-ho is 100% sure that his choice of hairdressing as his career path has been the right one and competing in the WorldSkills competition the highlight of his career so far.

Ka-ho trained at Youth College Hong Kong (member instate of VTC Hong Kong) and says the best thing about being a hairdresser is his client’s positive responses, especially their smiles when they are satisfied with their hair and the services they have received.

Ka-ho plans to strengthen his techniques and do his best to be a successful hairdresser by competing in many international competitions, and will be joining the OMC Hairworld 2016 in Seoul Korea as part of the Hong Kong team.

Ka-ho has received his ipsn Certification and when asked what was the motivation for applying for the ipsn certificate he said it was a good opportunity to ensure his techniques by taking the One-Examination-Multiple

Certificate vocational assessment and also having an international certificate at the same time.

29th January 2016